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The headquarters is located in the center of Marieta Square in the Old City and is adjacent to the new Cobb County High Court. Several satellite offices have been established to facilitate consultation with customers who cannot go to Marieta. It deals with a number of crimes, from DUI and drug charges to murder, sexual crime, violence and child abuse, including white collar and violent crimes. We are skilled at solving the most complex cases. It's up to you to make a promise to discuss your choice, no matter how hopeless it is. The first call is free.

Established in 1979


Mervin Nash, a former prosecutor and judge, has the highest position as a Georgian criminal lawyer. He has more than 36 years of legal experience and actively seeks immediate effectiveness. Melvin S. Nash has set up a criminal defense team in Cobb County over 25 years ago to help customers stay out of jail and receive heavy fines. Nash has gained experience as a former prosecutor and judge, and has achieved solid results for thousands of customers. You rely on us to: o Before the case occurs, you should deal with the police and federal law enforcement authorities professionally. o Work to limit the final fee. o Request immediate dismissal. o Provide an honest assessment of the case and available alternatives. o If it is true, proceed with the arrangements for advantageous actions. o Adjust your Trial Defense Strategy. o Prepare a defense plan for commutation of the sentence when the conviction is imminent. An experienced criminal lawyer should call us to see the differences that you've made in your case.

Melvin, who graduated from Georgia State University in 1974, earned a law degree at Florida University in 1976. He is a former prosecutor and judge with more than 25 years of experience. Melvin was also disgraced by the U.S. Air Force.

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American Bar Association
American Bar Association
American Criminal Attorneys Association
National Criminal Attorneys Association
Criminal Attorneys Association
Cobb County Attorneys Association
Cobb County Criminal Defense Bar Association
Who's Who in American Law
Legholes Club of Atlanta

Melvin Nash is Accout of Th Cirt
11th Court of Appeal
Supreme Court of Georgia
United States Custom Court
US Supreme Court
United States International Trade Court

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Originally, I came to DUI. He is the most honest lawyer I have ever dealt with. At one flat rate, he appeared on every day of my trial. Or one of the lawyers who worked for him appeared. They were all very useful, including the clerks. He could fight to keep my driver's license. The result is as I said at first, DUI removed! If you need it, I hope you'll use it again. Recommend it to anyone you know!

12/27/2020 07:57pm



Why one star? Black holes are not choices!
This man is a snob, a touch-and-go elitist, and doesn't care about me or my case! The exorbitant price in front of 4K did not shake him. I don't think this man is even on my side. On the contrary, he is a supporter. He barely gets "advice". As far as I know, he had done nothing to me, regardless of all his achievements, that he could not be a public lawyer or perhaps a first-year legal student or clerk. Until my first appearance in the court, I had only done "for me" by submitting documents and submitting them twice instead. In fact, as his office seemed to be confused with something, now I have made no more of my mistakes and my punishment has increased! You pay 100 dollars per hour? Is that so?

12/27/2020 07:02am