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Lawrence J. Law Office P.C. Zimmerman First Atlanta Criminal Attorney Law Office In a perfect world, everything is easy, and you don't have to choose so many options. Fortunately for the customer, not all the detectives have the same ability. So we narrowed down the search for self-defense lawyers to Lawrence J's law firm. P.C. Zimmerman, Atlanta, Georgia. We're the official law firm headed by Lawrence J. Senior Attorney. Zimmerman. We will only defend the criminal. In other words, our customers are represented by a criminal lawyer, not a general lawyer. It can happen to anyone. Criminal charges can happen to anyone on any part of life at an unexpected moment. To be honest, no one thinks they're going to be accused, but if you're one of the unhappy people, our office will step into a traumatized place at that moment to help you erase your good name. Our law firm offers services to a wide range of professional customers, including athletes, business men, nurses, doctors, mechanics, clergymen, farmers, artists, entertainers, and more. This list does not contain everything. because no one is excluded from the prosecution when it is called. Platinum-level service. Our law firm was established in 1999 to protect the rights of the same citizen...