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Kanoamplifier; The association understands that the need for lawyers is often visited when it is difficult. Our team colleagues at the Cano Amplifier are trying to do what they can to reduce the burden of suffering time. Dell is proud of the specific brand of legal services that provide customers with services to provide their best-in-class legal counsel and customer relationships. We operate on three fundamental principles to achieve this goal. · Consult with lawyers who can directly or over the phone for free consultation and receive plain and honest advice. x - Easily accessible lawyers · Reasonable charges with flexible payment options

Established in 2013


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Throughout his legal career, Jason Kano was a consumer advocate. He claims to be bankrupt. represents hundreds of customers. They filed lawsuits under the Fair Debt Act, which helped protect customers from harassment against creditors.
Jason is Marietta Native & nbsaw State University is   I attended a full scholarship. He got a law degree in the Florida Coastal Law Department. Jackson started his work with Jacksonville Regional Legal Aid, a guard for his customers who were victims of predatory loans. After returning to Atl, Jason began working with a famous bankruptcy company and became a consumer bankruptcy specialist. Jason continued to manage Atl Office, the largest bankruptcy company in the United States.
Jason has decided to start its own business to provide expertise in small business environments for individuals and to contribute to society. accessible environment

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