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We understand the difficulty of family law. Our goal is to communicate all rights to our customers and to the best results as easily as possible.

Established in 2014


Hobson& Hobson, a lawyer in Malietta, Georgia, works with customers across Cobb County to solve various legal problems. The company focuses on two main areas of law. Crime Defense and Family Law Sarah Hobson, our detective lawyer, has worked to protect the rights of the accused. When you get a criminal charge, you may feel that all systems are at a disadvantage. Sarah believes that it is not a problem that needs to be dealt with, since she is sure to tell you that the court considers you a person worthy of another chance. Sarah has defended various charges including DUI, assault and serious felony. Chris Hobson works with people who are facing divorce and custody problems of their children. They often support the rights of a father, such as the first divorce procedure, the change of parental rights of a child after a divorce, the maintenance of a spouse, and the child rearing.

Chris strives to provide customers with access to their customers and their families in order to answer their questions, and to get the best results for them and their customers.

Chris H.
business owner





Marques R.

The best lawyer of the Marietta era! !

12/27/2020 03:40pm



The best lawyer! He took the time from his family and did it when he needed my help! &Hobson; Hobson always has the best interest of everyone! Thank you for your service!
[email protected]

01/02/2021 02:51am



Chris and Sarah spent all their time worrying, comforting and supporting.  Questions and concerns were immediately answered.

12/24/2020 11:33pm



I had a very negative experience between Mr. Hobson and his company.  Mr. Hobson's company ultimately maintained about $730 for my retainer to zero the substantial legal work on my case.  The invoices received from Hobson's company included errors, duplicate charges, and meaningless invoices.  For example, I was requested to review "audio recordings" but did not provide audio recordings to review.  I was asked to hold a "strategic meeting", but there was no "strategy" to discuss it (I don't know) with the attitude of the matter and the conclusion that only one interview remains.  Although the request was made for the creation of a two-page template-based document, the time between the lawyer and the lawyer for the same work was overlapped, and the actual billing time seemed exaggerated.  Finally, the lawyer's claim was wrong on the first bill. When I reported my concerns about the requested activity, I did not receive a specific explanation about the claim or provide an updated/revised invoice.  Instead, it was said that they would provide a special account somewhere, but the credit document was not provided until the display was completed.  It was difficult to fully account for my retainer's money from this company, despite many requests. When I went to Mr. Hobson's office, I was told that I had no idea how to make up my family. because no one knows how to print it.  I was also told that if I were competing for invoices, I would not be allowed to have my case file (even though I already had enough funds to cover disputed invoices and other invoices).  Before I came back, Mr. Hobson came outside and told me that I must have been mixed up with the office staff, that I could take my files.   I was surprised when I received a $125 bill for "Scanning and Closing Files" when the company's representatives were over. Most of the actual files were passed electronically to the lawyer, and all actual legal documents were submitted electronically.  If that was the case, it was not necessary to scan some sheets of paper.  Surprisingly, when I asked Mr. Hobson where the rules he asked to store a copy of the client files after he had done his job, he said he had no time to do so and if I told him, I had to accuse him.  Mr. Hobson's reaction to my inquiry was generally vague and did not respond.  His answers generally point to company policies, representative agreements, or non-specific law rules, and he avoided direct answers to my questions.  I will not introduce this company to anyone.

12/30/2020 08:35pm