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The Mountain of Paran North was founded in 1987 as a satellite campus of the Mount Paran Church in Atlanta under the guidance of Dr. Paul Walker. In 1997, Mount Palan North became a self-governing church under the direction of Dr. Paul Walker Son. Under the supervision of a senior pastor at Kirk Walters, North Korea has launched a report on Cobb. N) They continue to serve the surrounding area. The North is a wonderful church for young families, trying to help people live a Christian life.

Established in 1987


Specialty: Church of God &Church; Chapel

President Kirk Walters grew up on the Mississippi Gulf and took over the legacy of four generations of ministers. He grew up wanting to get a job in the business world, but after working in the United States for six years in 1996, he was called to the Department of Full-Time.

Pastor Kirk has earned a PhD in Business Marketing, a Master in Theology, and a PhD in Theology. Administrative

His experience in the ministry includes working as a youth club, a minister in charge, an officer, and a senior minister. Reverend Kirk had the privilege of preaching in 15 countries on five continents. He joined the group again in August 2017 as a representative of Sanin, North Paran Province.

Pastor Kirk' In his mind, the North has a positive impact on the lives of people in Cobb and Cherokee counties, the broader region of Atlanta, and the lives of people in the world.
> Kirk marries his beautiful wife, Laura, and has two wonderful children, Bradley and Lauren.

Dr. Kirk W.
business owner